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Wayne Waller worked in the television industry for 26 years.  In 1996 tired of driving around with 3 metre lengths of PVC pipe on top of his car and heavy timber dolly’s, Wayne started tinkering with the idea of individual 1 metre lengths that could be screwed together.  He also designed a lighter aluminium “H” shaped dolly.  It wasn’t long before his “H” shape turned into a “T”.


Problems arose with his original idea of the 1 metre lengths of PVC pipe that screwed together as the joints were not exactly seamless.  Many different designs and materials were tested until finally the anodized aluminium with threaded Acetal male and female plugs proved successful.


Wayne now had his own unique “T” shaped dolly and a set of pipes that could go anywhere, be set up in minutes and obtain great dolly shots.  Many colleagues thought Wayne was a bit of a “Wally” but it didn’t take long before they too wanted their own “Wally Dolly”.

This was the beginning of Wally Dolly Enterprises and now Wally Dolly Australia Pty Ltd.


Sales exceeded all expectations with enquiries from all parts of the globe including the UK, USA, United Arab Emirates and Asia.  Distributors have been established in Australia, UK and USA.

Wayne Waller Wally Dolly Designer

Wayne Waller creator and designer of the Wally Dolly

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Wally Dolly designer Wayne Waller