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Wally Dolly Price List (Recommended Retail)

Basic Wally Dolly Kit



Consisting of:

    Wally Dolly

    3 Metres Track

    3 Metres Track Pads

    Rope Ratchet

    2 End Stops

    Allen Key

    Cleaning Cloth

    Kit Bag


Prices are recommended retail prices only and do not include any taxes or shipping.

Prices may vary slightly from different distributors.

Complete Wally Dolly Kit



Consisting of:

    Basic Wally Dolly Kit +

    1 Metre Track Extension Set

    Low boy Camera Mount

Optional Extras:

1 Metre Extension Set       $   522.35

2 Metre Extension Set       $1,044.70

3 Metre Extension Set       $1,567.05

  (Includes free kit bag)

Low Boy Camera Mount    $   226.50 


(prices are in AUD)

Walkabout Hard Case is no longer available

The Wally Dolly COMPACT has been discontinued.